Will Where there’s Wine there’s Winnie organize my event?
Yes. We customize tastings, pairings and lectures to a range of audiences.

Do you have an events space available?
We do not have a dedicated space; our tastings are held around Manhattan in private rooms of restaurants and hotels and in people’s homes.

Is Winnie available for travel?
If Winnie’s schedule allows she is available to host lectures and learning outside of the New York area. More information is available at info@winewinnie.com.

What is the minimum number of people I need to arrange an event with Winnie?
Winnie works with groups of all sizes and typically groups start at ten.

I’d like invitations to Winnie’s next event. How can I sign up?
To Register for exclusive offers click here.

Is there a cost associated with membership?
It’s free to be a member of our mailing list.

Winnie interviewed a wine maker recently and I wasn’t able to make the event. Is their conversation available on your website?
Yes. We plan to have our interviews available via our website as soon as possible.